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Cookware set Feast 3

269,00 zl

This is real tourist cuisine. The Feast 3 Touring Cookware Set allows you to prepare a solid multi-course meal in the field. This set from the Feast series consists of two pots and a pans with a notched bottom to which food does not easily stick. All dishes have foldable handles that lock automatically when unfolded. The handles are coated with a material, thanks to which you will not burn your hands when taking the food off the fire. The pots are equipped with lids, but the larger one can also be used to cover the pan. The dishes are made of light and durable material. It is anodized aluminum, which has been additionally hardened. The material is easy to clean. You will take care of the convenience of cooking and the condition of Fire-Maple tourist dishes with elements that enrich the set. They are a sponge for cleaning dishes, two bowls and a spoon for mixing cooking dishes. The set has been designed to be easy to transport. The dishes fit"one another", and the whole thing slips easily into a lightweight transport bag in the form of a mesh.

  • a compact set of Fire-Maple tourist cookware
  • vessels made of anodized aluminum
  • handles equipped with a lock
  • a set dedicated to 2-3 people

  • 0.9 l pot (Ø146 x 75 mm) with a lid and a foldable handle

  • pot with a capacity of 1.5 l (Ø168 x 98mm) equipped with a lid and a folded handle

  • frying pan with a capacity of 0.7 l (Ø174 x 42 mm) with a notched bottom and a folding handle

  • 2 bowls

  • cooking spoon

  • cleaning sponge

  • transport cover