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Tour Box L

28.499,00 zl

Tour Box means sleeping, cooking, storing, washing up and most importantly, comfortable traveling. Functional buildings that will satisfy every user.

The box kitchen is equipped with a two-burner gas stove for 4 cartridges, a compressor refrigerator that can also be used as a freezer. In addition, three spacious drawers and a table top needed to prepare meals.

The storage compartment consists of two drawers, a cutting board with hidden knives, and a large luggage compartment accessible from the top of the body. The Tour Box is equipped with a 23 liter water tank with an electric pump. So you can take a cold shower or wash the dishes even without running water. In the built-in, you will find a pull-out sink, and a shower head with a button will help you save a lot of water. 

Unfold the bed and sleep wherever you want. Thanks to the possibility of extending the bed, we make full use of the available space and width of the car. The mattresses are made of comfortable memory foam, and their covers are unfastened, making them very easy to wash. In addition, the mattress is divided into segments. If you need a pillow, simply detach one of the smaller parts.

  • 3-6 weeks
  • Toyota PROACE Medium / Long (2016-)
  • Toyota PROACE Verso Medium * / Long (2016-)
  • Opel Zafira D Long / Extra long (2020-)
  • Opel Vivaro C Long / Extra long (2019-)
  • Citroen Spacetourer M * / XL (2015-)
  • Peugeot Traveler Standard * / Long (2016-)
  • Peugeot Expert Standard / Long (2016-)
  • Mercedes V-Class Extra Long (2014-)
  • body Tour Box L
  • Comfort mattress
  • gas stove with draft shield
  • compressor refrigerator Dometic CFF20
  • fold-out sink
  • shower hose with hand shower
  • set of belts for installation in the car