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Land Box Premium

18.999,00 zl

This is our newest body, which is available in two variants. The standard version will be perfect for minivans during family trips outside the city or picnics. On the other hand, the premium version, dedicated to off-road vehicles, is to make camping in less accessible places still comfortable.


The entire body is located in the trunk, and unfolding the bed (alternatively: a place to sleep) takes about a minute. Adjustable support legs enable the body to be used in various cars. As in our previous constructions, the sleeping area is widened to take full advantage of the width available in the car, and the mattress cover is easy to remove for washing.


The Land Box drawer can be removed at any time and placed next to it, so you can use it as a coffee table at the campsite or cook dinner where the car will not reach.


When you are not cooking, the cooker draft shield creates a flat worktop. For cooking, simply unfold the cover and light the burner powered by a cylinder or gas canister. The whole thing can be easily disassembled and washed, and the burner itself, if necessary, can be taken in a backpack for a trip to the mountains.


There is a 10 liter water tank in the drawer, which is easy to remove to refill the water. An electric water pump, quick-release faucet and a sink that can be folded out in seconds make washing easy, even during short stops.


A Dometic compressor refrigerator and compartments accessible both from the top and from the front will make it easier to store food, and the fold-out table top will provide space for their preparation. Land Box Premium also has an integrated cutting board with knives and cutlery for two people, so you don't have to remember about them when you go on an expedition.

  • 3-6 weeks
  • Toyota PROACE City Verso L1 / L2
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 150
  • Opel Combo Life L1 / L2
  • Citroen Berlingo L1 / L2
  • Peugeot Rifter L1 / L2
  • Land Rover Discovery III, IV, V
  • VW Caddy
  • construction of Land Box Premium
  • mattress
  • stove
  • Compressor refrigerator Dometic CF11 or CF16
  • water tank, pump, tap, sink
  • cutting board with knives and cutlery
  • set of approved mounting belts