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Tourist stove

139,00 zl

The FMS-121 is another Fire Maple travel cooker that allows you to cook anywhere. This is an example of a freestanding travel cooker with an advanced design. The stove consists of a burner standing on fold-out legs and a fuel supply hose. The burner allows you to put a pot of water or food weighing up to 5 kg. The burner has a special Beehive ™ aluminum mesh that shields the flame.

Technical data:

  • solidly made tourist stove
  • free-standing burner and hose with gas valve
  • power 2200 W
  • weight 305 g
  • fold-out legs
  • burner with aluminum mesh Beehive ™, which protects the flame from the wind
  • cooker compatible with threaded cartridges; standard EN417
  • maximum load:5 kg
  • boiling time of 1l of water:3 min. 35 pp
  • dimensions when unfolded:Ø 181.1 x 95.2 mm, when folded:Ø 85.5 x 95.2 mm
  • The gas cartridge is not included in the set - it is used in the photo for demonstration purposes