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EcoFlow Solar Panel 110W

EcoFlow Solar Panel 110W

1.799,00 zl

EcoFlow photovoltaic panels provide energy when it is needed. Charge your power station when you're out and about with green energy available for free. The monocrystalline cells used in the panels increase their efficiency by approx. 20% compared to competing panels, thanks to which, in ideal solar conditions, it is possible to charge the EF DELTA with three 110 W photovoltaic panels in 5 hours. Using three 160 W solar panels, we can charge the EF DELTE in just 3.5 hours.

Weight:4 kg

Dimensions (unfolded):158 x 51.4 x 2.0 cm

Dimensions (folded):59 x 51.4 x 2.0 cm

Power:110 W (+/- 5 W)

Open circuit voltage:6.3 A (Imp 6.0 A)



Outputs:MC4 to USB-C port:max. 24 V, up to max. 6 A, MC4 port to XT60:max. 80 V, up to max. 10 A

Combinable:Yes, Delta 1300 up to three panels, River 370 up to two panels