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Eco Box + L

12.999,00 zl

Eco Box + is a bed, a retractable table, a folding table, cooking and access to water. Turn your car into a camper van with the help of simple but functional bodywork.

Comfortable sleeping thanks to the maximum use of possible space. The bed extensions make the most of the car's width. For this a comfortable mattress and you can comfortably lie down to sleep wherever you want. Extendable large table for a shared dinner and extendable table when you do not need a lot of space. The housing includes a gas cartridge stove and a removable water tank. And it all fits in a modular cabinet.

The set consists of several elements that can be easily stored after the season is over. You can assemble your box yourself, and only transport belts (delivered with the body) are needed for installation in the car.

  • 3-6 weeks
  • Toyota PROACE Medium/Long (2016-)
  • Toyota PROACE Verso Medium */Long (2016-)
  • Opel Zafira D Long/Extra long (2020-)
  • Opel Vivaro C Long/Extra long (2019-)
  • Citroen Spacetourer M */XL (2015-)
  • Peugeot Traveler Standard */Long (2016-)
  • Peugeot Expert Standard/Long (2016-)
  • Mercedes V-Class Extra Long (2014-)
  • Eco Box L construction
  • standard mattress
  • set of approved mounting belts
  • kitchen module
  • gas stove
  • water tank