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DIY Basic Box

1.999,00 zl

 DIY: Basic Box - do it yourself

Basic Box is the perfect module that will turn your car into a camper van.
It allows you to sleep, it has a slide out table and a folding table.
The sleeping area is 114 x 185 cm. Take a comfortable mattress and sleep wherever you want, in the forest, at the campground or by the sea. 
Use slide out table when you don’t need a lot of space or use large folding table for dinners. 
After the season, take out flat pieces and store them anywhere.
All elements of the box have been cut and chamfered to get rid of sharp edges.
We left sanding, oiling or varnishing for you. Create a challenge and do it yourself, if you want.
Fix it in your car with the transport belts available on our webshop.
You can additionally equip the Basic Box with our Standard or Comfort Mattress.


  • 5 days
  • wooden parts
  • manual
  • screws and tools